STOLZ A4 11.7*8.3 Laser Dark (No-Cut) Premium AB 20's Sample Pack (Laser DTF)
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Size (L x W x H) 32 cm x 25 cm x 3.5 cm
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Washing Instruction:

  • Wash 48hr after the transfer
  • Do not use strong detergent for washing
  • Do not use bleach
  • Wash clothing and flip inside out
  • Do not force them to stretch
  • Do not Tumble dry
  • Do not iron directly on printed images
  • Cold water wash (below 40ºC)

NEW! Improved 2-Paper-System from STOLZ PREMIUM makes amazing brilliant colors and constant results.


You just print on the A-Foil press it together with the B-Paper (Glue Sheet) and separate both sheets from each other while hot on the Silicone Pad.

  • Thickness: 10mic
  • Product: Germany Technology
  • Guide: PRESS A+B: 150~155°C (302~311°F), Circle: 70~120 Sec, Transfer A-Foil to Textile 115°C ~118°C (240°F), Circle: 30 sec.
  • works with a white toner printer (recommended brand: OKI)
  • A4 8.27"*11.7" A Foil + B Glue Sheet 20pcs each


  • 1. Heat your heat press machine up to the temperature required
  • 2. Press down your heat press for the 1st time to make the White Silicone Pad hot in 5 min before you start to process
  • 3. Put your printed A Foil on the machine (printed side face up) and cover with B Paper (glue sheet) on top (which is back print brand face up)
  • 4. Press with HIGH pressure according to our guideline temperature and Circle time required with covered a piece of normal white polyester (smooth interlock / dryfit) Cloth
  • 5. Must 45-degree peel (separate) A and B smooth and slow on the White Silicone Pad at the heat press machine, The idea is to make consistent heat to melt the glue when peeling
  • 6. After done, trim the 4 sides of A Foil to make sure there is no extra access glue on the film
  • 7. Place your A Film on the T-shirt / Cloth Press for 5~30 sec. depend on the size of the printed
  • 8. Press again for 30 sec. cover with Silicone Treat Cover


What's in the box

1. A Foil (Transparent PET film)

2. B Paper (Glue Sheet)