Heat Press Mall, Gudang akan tutup cuti dari 21hb November hingga 27hb November

Established in 1999 under the now former name TyDy TRADING, our company leveraged ties with global manufacturers to introduce the latest technological breakthroughs and creative products to our customers.

With a background in manufacturing of rubber stamp machines and associated raw materials, our company continues to build a reputation in this market. Our high quality products are exported worldwide to countries which include India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei and Singapore.

We utilize the latest technologies in the stamping industries and continue to innovate as we grow.

In 2003, EPEL was formed to supply to the competitive office product industries. This includes a wide range of productions not limited to rubber stamp, preink stamp, name tag, name card, ID card and fast printing document. EPEL always aims to meet cutomer demands and ensures that the products we supply are at the forefront of the stamping field. The setup also facilitated a business that was low investment but offered a high return rate.

Our company doesn't only target strategic marketing initiatives for best quality products but also the supply of simple and fast printing concept equipment for beginners or for those who are looking for opportunities to upscale. To facilitate this, we formed another company named Digital Image System. In a bid to further expand, Digital Image System introduced COLOR TOUCH in 2006 which is a Heat Transfer System that lets customers personalize gift products & materials.

Our company has been in the forefront of the stamping industry and has always been looking for new opportunities to continue growth in the e-commerce field. This is mainly accomplished by aligning the multiple businesses that we have to bring innovation into the marketplace.

Digital Image System was incorporated in 2009 under the name DIGITAL IMAGE SYSTEM SDN BHD. With the huge success it has enjoyed, we have further expanded with the opening of the DIS2U CONCEPT STORE in January 2011. The cash & carry store specializes in the sale of raw materials as well as exploration in the field of new HEAT TRANSFER uses.

Our company's goal is to exceed the expectations of every client we meet by way of offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibillity and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality, improving operation efficiency and also resolving any troubleshooting matter painlessly.

Our extensive skills encompass all aspects from implementation to completion. We also offer continuing functional and technical support. DIS2U in particular speciallizes in all aspects of heat transfers materials.

In September 2011, Color Touch, an expert in the brading of sublimation heat transfer products, was proclaimed a GOLDEN BRAND product in Asia Pacific by the Asia Global Business Magazine. In addition to this honour, it was also awarded the HONESTY ENTERPRISE KERIS AWARD for its flawless reputation.

In 2013, the company took another leap via expanding into the textile heat transfer industry. With ISO 9002 certification for the heat press and Korea sourced materials, we have since been increasing our distributorship across the nation.

Coming to this year, the company has updated their equipment with the import of more new advanced technology from Germany in the heat transfer industry.



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